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Did you enjoy playing dress-up as a little girl and wish you still could? Have you ever dreamed of being the heroine or villainess from your favorite movie or television show? Maybe you have felt like you belonged in a different time or even in a different world. At Xtreme Costumes we understand all of these feelings and are here to help you work through them with our own exclusive form of women's costume therapy.

OK, joking aside, you would be hard-pressed to find a better selection of costumes for women anywhere online or off than at Xtreme Costumes. We offer historical costumes that can place you into almost any time period, a selection of women's character costumes covering the full gambit of television, movie, and literary personalities and the majority of our women's costumes can be had in either a mild or wild variety to suit your taste and situation.

Want to feel like June Lockhart and return to the innocents of the fifties or maybe you are a flower child born too late, we have you covered, literally. Want a Halloween costume to match your little pirate's swashbuckling outfit, try a, not too scandalous, Wench costume or if your Gangster is all grown up maybe a Corrupt Cop Costume will help them see the error of their ways, handcuffs included.