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Halloween is an opportunity to be someone else for a day, and girls everywhere have lots of choices when they get their costumes through us. We have Halloween costumes for girls in all sorts of different categories. If girls want to be scary on Halloween, they can be dark princesses, zombies, vampires, or witches. If they want to be adorable on Halloween, they can dress up as everything from the Cheshire cat to an Elf on a Shelf.

Girls can dress up as a lot of their favorite characters, including Rey from Star Wars and Sofia the First. We have lots of superhero and super-villain costumes for the girls who want to look powerful and cool on Halloween. Retro costumes that will give girls the opportunity to dress like hippies are still around, even if parents have to explain to their daughters what hippies are. We have historical costumes that will allow little girls to travel through time and we have costumes of fictional characters and creatures that will allow girls to travel to completely different worlds. There are no limits when it comes to Halloween costumes for girls.

Some costumes can be either cute or scary; in fact, girls can go as a cute witch or a scary witch, for instance. Our Halloween costumes really give girls the opportunity to express themselves. They're not going to feel as if they're stuck in a box here. Our costumes won't just let them think outside the box; there is no box here.