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OK, people may talk about us behind our backs, but until you have had a best friend with four legs you really don't know what loyalty and unconditional love are all about. Our dogs and cats enrich our lives so much, on a daily basis, that it would be a crime to leave them at home and not include them in the Halloween fun. With almost a hundred Halloween Pet Costumes to choose from, Xtreme Costumes is sure to have a cat or dog costume to perfectly fit your little friend's personality.

If your furry friend is a real hot dog dress them up in ketchup or mustard costumes. If your little lady has the makings of a superhero, dress her up as Supergirl or get her together with her friends and form your own justice league; Batman, Superman they are all here and sized to fit your dog or cat perfectly and without making them feel bound up or uncomfortable.

Halloween only comes once a year; include your furry friend in the fun this year. Order your dog or cat a Halloween costume from our extensive collection and let them strut their stuff right along beside you as you make the rounds trick or treating this year. You might have to fight them for the candy but I guarantee you'll make a record haul and pass out smiles with every step you take.