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Halloween Accessories & Makeup

Finding the right Halloween costume is just half the battle. Once you choose the character that you want to dress up as then it is time to really bring it all together and that means using the right makeup effects and picking the right accessories to make your costume complete.

Can you imagine Darth Vader without his light saber, a swashbuckling pirate without a sword and a brace of pistols? How about a flapper without fishnet stockings and a garter seductively peaking out from her thigh or a zombie that isn't oozing blood or covered in wounds?

It would be kind of like looking at a blurry picture, wouldn't it? You might know what you are seeing, but it still wouldn't look quite right. Costume makeup and accessories are what brings the picture into sharp focus and your character to life.

Xtreme Costumes has all the accessories and makeup that you need to make this Halloween the best one ever. Not just the hats, wigs, masks, shoes, toys and all the other little extras that are needed to make your costume complete, but airbrush kits, makeup tools, and other items you will need to take your costume from just another Halloween costume to a true work of art, worthy of being preserved on the silver scream.

Step up your game this Halloween and bring that costume contest prize home with the right selections from our thousands of Halloween costume accessories and makeup items.