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From eerie clowns and terrifying monsters to creepy ogres and scary trolls, mask a Halloween night full of horror by flaunting your dark side when you choose from our repertoire of Halloween masks designed to outfit your 'scary' desires. Add convincing shock-value to your Frankenstein, clown, werewolf, zombie or witch costume with the myriad of horror masks available from Xtreme Costumes. You'll never have to look elsewhere again when you choose from such a wide range of options to meet your party needs.

No matter what costume you decide to adorn, we have some great Halloween masks to help you make a lasting impact on the party –– where other guests will glance at you in envy. Our visually wow-worthy Halloween masks will help you add an exciting final touch to your costume, so that you can transform into your disguise as a master of the underworld to spread horror and fear in your wake.

With a frightful face to boot, you'll become the main character of your much loved horror movie. From mask choices like skulls, vampires, werewolves, witches, devils, zombies, ninjas, clowns, scarecrows, devils and reapers, simply cherry-pick what you want and morph into the monster of your choice this Halloween. Our large selection of gruesome Halloween masks is designed to cater to all costume choices to help you frighten the 'hell' out of your friends.