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Halloween Wigs & Hats

You can't have put together the perfect Halloween costume if you don't have the right topper to finish it off. Face it, you can dress the part of a rock star, but that 9-5 haircut just isn't going to let you pull it off. You can have the face and body to pull off playing Elvira, Mistress of the Dark but without those raven locks, you will just be another vampire. See what we mean. If you really want your Halloween costume it takes the right wig or hat to make it work.

Actually, the right Halloween wig can be a costume all by itself. Throw on your favorite pair of old jeans, a tee shirt slip Xtreme Costumes 80'S Rock Mullet Blonde Wig on your head and you can spend the entire evening in costume and in comfort. This is a great way to stretch your Halloween dollars and have a little left over for some extra sweets or help you get a jump on your holiday shopping.

So grab yourself a Blues Hat and put on your best dark suit or a Barbie Wig with your nicest dress and head out in your spiffy new costume, that you can use year after year and only spent a fraction of the cost of a full costume to buy.